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Ottawa Brass Fire-fighting: Products

Portable Bush Pump Poly Tank.

Model #20.
This model replaces galvanized steel tanks. Unlike other plastic models, this unit is fabricated of thick-walled polyethylene, which is rugged and virtually indestructible. A unique feature allows this model to be operated by both right and left-handed users, while other manufacturers offer only either right or left-hand design.
Product features:
  • Thick walled uniform polyethylene tank.
  • Non-slosh design shaped to fit body for better comfort and balance.
  • Comfortable 2" adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Chest straps do distribute weight.
  • Hands-free pump holder.
  • Right & left hand use.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • 5 gallon(US) capacity.
  • Weighs only 9.5 lbs.
Other features and options include:
Ottawa Brass Limited: Fire-fighting Bush Pump Tank. Model #30
High Capacity Pump with a Jet-Spray Nozzle
A patented High Capacity Slide Pump manufactured of brass, stainless steel springs, and bronze ball valves incorporates a jet-spray nozzle, which is easily converted to a mist-spray nozzle.
Ottawa Brass Limited: Fire-fighting Bush Pump Tank Nozzle
Lubeport Lubrication System
Lubeport, the revolutionary new design lubrication system used exclusively on our pump systems allows to lubricate the unit without disassembly.
Ottawa Brass Limited: Fire-fighting Bush Pump Tank Nozzle
Quick-Disconnect System (standard on model #30)
Quick-disconnect fittings allow for easy detachment of the hose.
Ottawa Brass Limited: Fire-fighting Bush Pump Tank Nozzle
Our technical staff continually introduces new solutions that increase the functionality and convenience of the use of our portable pump systems. Padded shoulder straps add an extra level of comfort.

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